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Thu, Aug 12, 2010


Recently, we had a chance to go hands-on with Wadjet Eye Games’ Puzzle Bots on PC. We brought you the latest batch of screenshots for the game earlier this week, but now we can go in-depth in sharing with you what the game’s truly about.

The game is a point-and-click adventure game, containing full voice-acting and cutscenes. The game follows an absent-minded robot inventor named Zander, who, along with his colleagues, creates a set of robots, each with different abilities. The game has two basic parts – one containing the human inventors and their hot-headed boss, and the other containing the robots themselves, who are more interested in the outside world than the Robot Dome in which they reside.

The human portions are cutscenes, while the robot portions are where you’ll actually participate in the game. After the robots escape, you’ll need to use each’s special abilities to navigate through the human-sized (that is, over-sized to the robots) landscape, using screwdrivers to open briefcases, rolling tape or pushing large objects into gaps to function as bridges, pushing over books to create ladders or ramps to reach higher locations, and so on.

The game contains 17 different levels, that take the robots on an adventure throughout the robot factory. Hero is the leader of the group, noteworthy because of his ability to charm the other robots into escaping their bot habitat and taking off on adventure. He can lift large items and carry them around the landscape. Ultrabot is a tank-like robot that can push over large objects, but it actually quite frightened of the human world. Kelvin comes equipped with a flamethrower, allowing him to light objects on fire or heat water, as examples. Ibi is a swimming robot that can only perform while submerged – otherwise, on dry land, she curls into a ball. Finally, Bomchelle is a daredevil robot that carries around bombs that are useful in accessing new areas.

Puzzle Bots is a family-friendly adventure, containing more humor and creativity than violence (in fact, the most “evil” item in the game could be considered Kelvin’s flamethrower). In addition, the system requirements are so low that you’d be able to run it on a ten+ year old computer, if you still have access to such a system.

If you’re interested in trying Puzzle Bots for yourself, head over to Wadjet Eye Games’ official website, where you can download a free demo of the game, or purchase the full version for $9.99.

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