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Tue, Feb 16, 2010

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StormHatch recently released Makeout Mania, a 99 cent app on the iPhone that is so absurd in title alone that its release simply must be shared with the world.

According to Slide to Play, Makeout Mania is, first and foremost, a puzzle game that places you in the role of Cupid, assigned to the bustling hallways of a high school, where you must make love connections between the students. While you are given a fairly wide range of freedom in regards to which boy gets paired with which girl, a school yearbook feature will offer hints as to which two kids have crushes on each other, and by pairing them up accordingly, you’ll receive extra points.

You complete each level by filling up the “Frenzy” meter, which is more easily filled by making repeated pairings of the same two students. However, being in a school setting, the faculty will try to step in and break up any love connections and ruin your progress.

The game supports online leaderboards and in-game rewards to offer replayability, in addition to an endurance-esque mode that challenges you with creating the most matches within 60 seconds.

Sure, the gameplay may seem a bit repetitive, but for a dollar, it seems worth the download just for the weird look your friends will give you when asking you what you’re playing. Agree? Head over to iTunes and get a copy for yourself. Makeout Mania!

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