Pirates Ahoy! Cheats, Tips, Tricks and Strategies to Plunder Booty and Rule the Seas!

Mon, Aug 2, 2010

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At the beginning of July, we brought you our initial preview and Frisky Hands-on video for Playfish’s new treasure hunting game, Pirates Ahoy! Now, we’ve retrieved a treasure chest of tips, tricks and strategies from the cold depths of the ocean – with the help of a new strategy guide from our friends at Gamezebo.

Here, you’ll find information about fighting sea monster, cleaning treasures, earning badges and more, all with the goal of allowing you to more easily conquer the high seas.

Do you have some tricks not listed in the guide below? Let us know in the comments section at the end of this guide!

Game Strategies and Tips

  • As you sail the seas, you’ll encounter different kinds of sea monsters. When you achieve victory, you’ll be rewarded with food, coins and even reveal treasure maps.
  • TIP: Fight as many monsters [as you can] in earlier levels. You’ll win most of the time. It also rewards you more food than trying to find it on an island or sunken ship. This is a good time to stock up on food to help you replenish your energy to be able to play longer. As you reach higher levels, it will be harder to defeat them and will potentially be a waste of energy.
  • A badge is a symbol of what you’ve achieved within the game. You can earn them by achieving certain goals while doing activities several times. Once achieved, you be will rewarded higher valued items which gives you an edge compared to other players.
  • TIP: Take note that you have to change your badge and use what you need the next time you play. If you plan to dig more to try find treasure, then the “You Dig” badge should be used.
  • Expanding your crew is important as it expands your maximum energy limit for every member you rescue. You can rescue them if you see one crying out for help during your travels. Another way is to go to the crew panel and add a friend, if an empty slot is available.
  • TIP: Since the game randomly selects a friend from your list, it can be a good idea to invest and pay the [crew hiring] fee instead of waiting for your friend to accept. You need to fill up empty seats in your ship as soon as they are available. This will increase your energy limit to 10 energy points per friend. The more energy points you have, the more activities you can do to progress faster.
  • For a player to follow the storyline, quests are available to break the monotony of the gameplay. Having to fulfill quests rewards you more experience points and coins.
  • TIP: Accept a quest when your energy bar [is] full. This will give you a head start and ensure you achieve the objective before your energy runs out.
  • Keep your eyes peeled for floating bottles containing instructions or ships that indicate they have a quest waiting to be accepted. This will add to your quest book until you’ve fulfilled them.
  • TIP: It is easier to locate where special items are (e.g. searching for sea monsters or where to deliver the parcel) when you use the zoom tool. Images with an exclamation mark on them serves as a guide for you to fulfill the quest faster.
  • Treasure locations appear when a map is found. Dig for treasure and you’ll eventually find one which you’ll need to restore. The objective here is to restore each one to gain experience points.
  • Earn more coins by building workshops in your island. Producing items such as wooden legs or harvesting from your farm to sell them for a profit will help you gain some extra cash to further improve your ship and customize your island.
  • TIP:  Remember to collect on time or your investment will be lost. You can opt to hire a mule for a couple of days to help collect for you. Take note you will need Playfish Cash to do so.
  • The neighbor list has indicators that help you choose which neighbor to visit. You’ll notice some of your friends have coin pouches beside their picture. This means your visit to Johnny will reward you coins instead of gems. Click on the floating treasure chest near their island and it will reward you 200 coins.
  • Loyal pirates are rewarded with a daily lucky dip. You can turn over the number of cards based on the days you’ve visited. Be rewarded with food, gems, stones and coins to aid you in your adventure.

Thanks to our friends at Gamezebo for sharing these awesome strategies and information! Make sure to check out their full walkthrough for screenshots and more! In addition to the tips above, we here at Frisky Mongoose have a few other things to keep in mind.

  • TIP: Play often – your energy will refill every 12 hours.
  • From our experience, we’ve found that the quickest way to earn gems is by killing monsters until you find a map, rather than visiting friends to earn them, especially if you don’t have many (or any) friends that play the game.
  • It seems that, as of now, the amount of coins you can earn from visiting friends is capped at 1,00o per day.
  • TIP: While decorating your island can be fun, always make sure to keep a small savings of coins on hand so that you can pay the hiring fee to add new members to your crew, when you find them floating in the water. This will allow you to skip the “hassle” of trying to invite non-game players to play the game with you.

You can play Pirates Ahoy! by heading over to the game’s page on Facebook, or, to find more people to play the game with, remember to check out the game’s official forums.  Now that you’ve been outfitted with some great tips and strategies, set sail – treasures await you!

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