Piracy Runs Rampant in Conquer Online

Thu, Jan 12, 2012

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When you get as popular and successful as Conquer Online has, you’re bound to start attracting pirates. Things are so bad for the iPad MMO from TriplePoint client NetDragon, that the pirates are actually showing up inside the game itself, utterly dominating the new expansion that launched today. Players can even make characters in an all-new pirate class and engage in all manner of swashbuckling. Kind of seems like they’re encouraging pirates, doesn’t it?

What’s more, NetDragon is trying to make players get creative with their piracy, offering upwards of $3,500 in prizes for new pirate flag designs. Read for yourself:

Those familiar with Conquer Online know that the team likes to celebrate in style, and the launch of the new expansion today is no exception.Conquer Online is holding the Black Flag Design Event with cash prizes for the winners totaling over $3,500 USD! Fans can design their own Pirate flags and enter to win the cash prizes. The winning designs will be implemented into the game, and every time another player purchases one of these flags, the designer will receive 50% of the sale.

You’d think people wouldn’t need to engage in piracy in a free game, but there you go.

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