PhotoCity Set to Transform Traditional Models of the World

Mon, Mar 1, 2010

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As reported by, PhotoCity is set to transform the way real world environments are created. The creators of PhotoCity want to change the way 3D models of the world are made by using only user created content. As we move further and further into a social internet, it would only be a matter of time before this type of technology would be available.

PhotoCity works by having a competitive gaming environment in which players are encouraged to take photos of a certain area on a map. After a team of players have taken enough pictures of the area, they essentially capture the flag of that area and the buildings that surround that area. The researchers behind the project are even considering adding prizes to the mix which would encourage people to participate even more.

The project has already gone live and you can participate here. I think this is an excellent use of social media and interaction. Why spend thousands of dollars photographing the world when millions of people all throughout the world own digital cameras and cell phones? All they had to do was add a bit of an incentive (like a meta-game) and they are good to go. I have attached a video below that shows a quick overview of how the game is played.

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