Photo Dojo Uses the DSi’s Camera to Customize Gameplay

Fri, Feb 26, 2010

Casual, Console

While this week’s Nintendo Media Summit may have focused on the expected, big news items, like the release date for the DSi XL (that’s March 28, just so we’re clear), it also held its fair share of news concerning smaller, casual titles like “100 Classic Books,” and, perhaps the most …unique item of all: Photo Dojo.

Photo Dojo uses the DSi’s camera to allow users to become the combatants in this otherwise classic side-scrolling fighting game. Before you can ever get started, you’ll have to spend some time creating your person in the game; more than likely, this will require the use of a friend to take your picture in various fighting stances. You can then use the handheld’s microphone to record fighting sounds to go along with your poses.

Afterwards, the gameplay is fairly basic, but the uniqueness of putting yourself into the game is definitely an interesting mechanic. And you’re not just limited to humans, as What They Play is reporting that any posable object, like an action figure or baby doll can be created in the game as well.

There’s no official release date set for Photo Dojo as of yet, but it’s set to launch sometime this Spring.

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