Philadelphia Eagles and Angry Birds Line Up for New Facebook Game

Mon, Aug 27, 2012


It seems like Angry Birds is inserting itself into a number of cultural trends these days. First, Rovio Entertainment announced Angry Birds Rio to coincide with the release of the animated film. Next, they introduced a Mars version of the game to cash in on the social media sphere all atwitter and abuzz with the Curiosity rover landing successfully on the Red Planet.

And now, just before the regular season begins, Angry Birds is teaming up with the NFL to announce their newest game in partnership with the Philadelphia Eagles. The new game will be available on September 4 exclusively on the Eagles’ Facebook page.

Rovio is counting on a strong social media following for the game, planning to unlock each of its new 16 levels one at a time during each week of the regular season. The game will also introduce a new character to the Angry Birds world, the Mighty Philadelphia Eagle, which so far looks a lot more menacing than the team’s offensive line this year. (I mean really, how is Michael Vick injured already?)

Why the Eagles? We’re not too sure. Perhaps Rovio picked the first team named after a bird that came to their minds. Who knows, perhaps we’ll see four more Angry Birds titles exclusive to the other teams of the avian variety: Baltimore Ravens, Arizona Cardinals, Atlanta Falcons, and the Seattle Seahawks.

I think I may have just tapped into Rovio Entertainment’s brilliant marketing strategy. I’ll see myself out.

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