PetVille Weekly Challenges: Welcome Home (Lost Toys) and Daisy Age

Thu, Jan 28, 2010

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PetVille players are busy working on two new challenges this week, which require pets to plant some daisies and adopt lost toys. Definitely better than pushing daisies or losing toys, wouldn’t you say?

This week’s challenges started yesterday (1/27/10) and include:

  • Welcome Home! - Adopt 4 Lost Toys this week! (You can adopt toys your friends find when they post them to your Facebook feed.)
  • Daisy Age – Place 5 bouquets of Daisies in your home’s flower vases this week!

You have about 6 days left to complete the new weekly challenges. Looks like the Lost Toys challenge might be a tough one (see below), but 6 days should be plenty of time to earn the Daisy Age badge. Also, as mentioned in the PetVille forum, please note that you must adopt new lost toys this week, as prior adoptions won’t count toward the challenge.

According to a notification this morning, “Facebook is currently experiencing performance issues that will affect PetVille including gifts, neighbor requests and Lost Toys. Please bear with us — thank you!” So if you’re having trouble with the Welcome Home! challenge, not to worry, Zynga is working on fixing the issue ASAP. Your orphanage ought to be up and running again in no time.

As for Daisy Age, just remember to use Daisy bouquets in all your vases this week and you should be on track to earn the reward (which includes Coins, Love Points and a Badge). Daisy bouquets cost 75 Coins and 5 Love Points, and they wilt in 4 hours.

Head on over to Facebook and play PetVille now to start chipping away at the new challenges!

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  • edrionastroud

    well i need help! How do you buy a bouquet on petville?

  • Kate Hancock

    Just click on the flower vase in any room of your pet's house. The bouquet selection screen pops up and then just click on the daisies.

  • sam

    I lost my vase. Where can I find it again?

  • cruzingcruz

    try looking behind objects close by like tv cabinets fireplaces etc. i found so much stuff stuck to the walls behind these things. good luck

  • cruzingcruz

    time is running out and don't have enough toys toadopt where can i get some lost toys.

  • Kate Hancock

    Also visit your neighbors’ houses and look for lost toys there

  • LalaLand

    How to put PetVille in my Facebook feed?


    i too need help…how do i find the lost toys…..please help

  • ginapooh1969

    Hi! I lost a vase from one of my rooms a while ago and I don't know how to get a new one. I know how to change a vase but not how to get one back that I lost. Help! Thanks very much.

  • Kate Hancock

    Have you checked in your storage box? If it's not there then I'd try
    moving everything in that room out of the way – your vase may have
    gotten covered up by a piece of furniture or something.

  • Nancy

    I'm having trouble retrieving my items from storage. The arrow button is no longer there. Once I put something in storage, I cannot get it back. I have to take every piece of clothing out and put it in a room until I find what I'm looking for. Any idea what the heck is going on? I used to have 9 pages to view….now, none show.

  • dax

    I clicked on adopt a lost toy and it never showed up on my petville do you know how to get it .?

  • Kate Hancock

    Have you checked in your storage box? Also try moving everything in that room out of the way – your adopted toy may have gotten covered up by a piece of furniture.

  • Gocartgirl217

    lost vases? drag the item it was sitting on twards the celing do u see it? then take the item you are holding at put it in storage you vase should be in the storage

  • J Lucky107

    I haven't received my adopted pet and I moved all of the objects in every room. What should I do now?

  • King Patty_angel

    y do some people have the front yard and others dont