PetVille Weekly Challenges: Orange You Sweet and Who Loves Ya Baby

Fri, Jan 22, 2010

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As reported in our PetVille Weekly post earlier today, the Facebook game’s new weekly challenges are now available. PetVille players have less than 5 days left to complete this week’s challenges. The two new quests include:

Orange You Sweet! - Collect 4 gems from feeding your pet “Orange” kibble this week!
Who Loves Ya, Baby! – Accept 5 gifts from your friends this week!

My pet, LollarBills only completed 1 of 2 challenges last week (Boogie Monster), but was rewarded with a cool new badge, 300 Coins and 600 Love Points for dancing the week away with 10 different PetVille friends. Hopefully my neighbors will help complete “Who Loves Ya” this week, and we’ll be on track to earn both new badges!

To help gift-givers out with the challenge this week, PetVille is offering 3 new limited-time options in the free gifts section: The Mystic Orb, Pink Bullseye Flying V, and GOOOOOOAAAAAL (a soccer ball bean bag chair). Enjoy and get giving!

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  • fatimamantovani

    como pegar laranjas doces, onde eu encontro

  • bethanie

    its not letting me complete challenges please help !

  • Kate Hancock

    To complete “Orange You Sweet” you must feed your pet Orange Kibble (food). To access the Orange Kibble, click on your pet's bowl and scroll to the 2nd set of food options. Orange Kibble is available to players level 10+, costs 175 Coins, lasts 24 hours and gives you a 535 Coin bonus once your pet finishes. Additionally, once your pet finishes eating, you get a nifty orange gem for refilling the food bowl promptly. In order to complete “Orange You Sweet” you need to collect 4 orange gems, which means your pet needs to finish 4 bowls of Orange Kibble. That will take 4 days so HURRY!

  • Kate Hancock

    To complete the gift challenge (Who Loves Ya Baby), your friends are going to have to help you out. If you don't receive any gifts, you cannot earn the badge. For more on the Orange You Sweet challenge see below.

  • Baby Pouches

    Yeah me too.. I guess I still need a lot of guts to complete this challenge.