PetVille Updates: Free Gift With Purchase of Pet Cash, New Twilight Themed Items Have Arrived

Wed, Jul 28, 2010

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The next time you log into PetVille, you’ll see that the game has gone through a couple of updates, the first of which sees an added incentive being offered to users who purchase a bunch of Pet Cash, while the other is the launch of the hotly anticipated Twilight theme of items in the game’s store!

Purchase Pet Cash and Receive Free Wings

Zynga is now offering a new “Free Gift With Purchase” for all purchases made on Pet Cash or Pet Coins in the game. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen such a setup, as items like a Mini Unicorn was given away a few months ago, as an example.

However, this new incentive item fits in perfectly with the overall theme taking place in the game right now – that being fairies. The item? A free set of glowing fairy wings.  Don’t feel pressured into purchasing the largest package of either Pet Cash or Coins – these free wings will be given to anyone who makes a purchase, regardless of the size.

Once you make a purchase, your new wings can be found in your inventory – just click on the T-shirt at the bottom of the gameplay area to enter into your wardrobe and put them on your pet!

“Dusk” Items Now Available in Stores

We have been given blatant hints as to the release of Twilight themed items in the game for some time now, and that item theme is now available in the game! In this case, Zynga calls this theme “Dusk,” but trust me, they are Twilight items through and through.

As the largest portion of the Twilight “fandom” surrounds the debate between “Team Edward” and “Team Jacob,” it’s no surprise that Zynga is allowing users to take to their favorite side in the game as well.  Available via the game’s Outdoors store, right now you can only pick up your choice of two Edward Cullen or “Petward Culven” statues. The basic status is 31 Pet Cash, while the “Petward Culven and the Apple” statue costs more (presumably due to its added animations) at 35 Pet Cash. Don’t worry, all of your Jacob fans, as new “Jaycub” items will be available in the game “soon” – an exact date is not known.

Other items in the theme serve as decorations. Items like “Stella’s Pickup Truck,” the “Druid’s Dreamcatcher,” and “Culven house” are available for Pet Coins (the more extravagant the item, the higher the cost), while a Gazebo, Wolf, or Forest Wallpaper will set you back Pet Cash.

In addition to these decorative items, you can also pick up one of many different clothing items in the same theme, as seen below. Can you spot all of the familiar outfits from the films?

We’ll be sure to let you know when more items (including JayCub) are available in the game, but for now, head over to the game’s page on Facebook to browse through the available items.

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