PetVille PetEx Crate Screams Help Me! Caged Animals Run Free

Mon, Mar 15, 2010

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Have you gotten your PetEx delivery yet? Last week upon entering the PetVille game page, I was greeted by a locked cage full of something mysterious… Something with eyeballs was trapped inside, and the only way to get it out was to have a combination emailed to my designated address.

Caught off gaurd, I went over to the Zynga forums to find out more. Here’s what the PetVille developers had to say:

A special delivery is on the way to your Pet! Keep your eye out for a PetEx package today. Some pets will already have received their package. Other pets will receive their delivery over the course of the next 24 hours! In order to open this package, you’ll need to get the combination emailed to you. If you don’t open this package within 2 weeks of receiving it, it will be gone forever! What could be inside?

Of course I said “email me the combination!” Who wouldn’t? And what came tumbling out of the locked box when I accepted the code from *Uncle Artemis*? An adorable little bird, that’s what! The big-eyed birdie exclaims, “thank you for freeing me! I’m so happy to be free that I’d love to live with you!”

Who is this mysterious uncle and why does he have all these mysterious trapped animal cage codes? I can’t say for sure… Here’s what *he* (aka: Zynga) wrote in an emailed titled “Combination to Free Trapped Animal in PetVille”.

Hi Kate,

Did you get the package I sent to you and LollarBills? It’s an animal I rescued from a cruel pet trader during my journeys abroad. The lock combination is *****. Click here to open the crate! Check your house for more gifts from me as my travels continue!


Uncle Artemis

Here is LollarBills enjoying the cute company of a new friend in PetVille. What do you think about the trapped pets?

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  • Heidi

    How do you unlock the cage? I got the code but I don't know where to put the code in at.

  • Kate Hancock

    Hmm, check the email again and see if there's a button or link that
    says “unlock the cage”… That's how I opened mine (and heard the
    same from a few friends in the game). It's kind of silly because I
    never even used the code at all, just clicked a link – misleading but
    not too difficult anyway ;)

    Let me know if that works – good luck! I hope it's not too late – i
    think the deadline is listed in the post above for reference, just
    can't remember when it is off-hand. Thanks for reading!

  • Tbear

    I have been clicking on that cage for days now, and still no combination has been emailed back to me. How do I get that combo???

  • noemilovesmjj

    I have the bird, dont know how, I dont remember that I got a code for it or not.
    My problem is that the cage is still there, and I cant get rid of it.
    Please help if you can!

  • Kate Hancock

    Hey there – sorry to hear your having trouble! Double check to make sure
    you've given Zynga/PetVille permission to email you, and according to the
    forum moderator, the cage should now be opened by default.

    Hope that helps! Let us know if you have more questions and thanks for
    reading Frisky Mongoose!

  • Kate Hancock

    Hmm, that's odd. I'm sure you've tried moving it to storage or selling it by
    now… Nothing pops up when you click on it? I have the blue bird and he
    doesn't have a cage that I can tell. If you think it's a bug, just let
    Zynga's customer support know. They should be able to fix you right up :)

  • noemilovesmjj

    Thank you, Im going to write to the customer support!

  • Kate Hancock

    Glad I could (kinda) help! :)

  • noemilovesmjj

    A wrote a mail to the customer support and they fixed my problem, once again thanks for the help and have a nice day!

  • kassi

    ok well when i click on the cage a popup comes up tht asks about emailing the combo so i click it an then it asks about permission to send it something and i click allow but after tht i get another popup tht says opps they cant send the email because of reliability issues….wht do i do??

  • Kate Hancock

    Hmm, it sounds like there is an issue/bug with the game right now. As I'm
    sure you can tell, PetVille's going through some big changes right now, so
    it's not surprising that there are some technical issues to be resolved. If
    they don't fix it soon, Zynga's customer support should be able to help you
    - just let them know :)

  • babii

    i click on the send code button but when i check my yahoo the code isnt there. ive looked in my spam folder and its not there either… its starting to get me really frustrated. is there anyway i could get the code???

  • Kate Hancock

    That stinks. You can ask Zynga customer support for help here:

  • Leeanna Wong

    I can't play petville at all keeps telling me page can not be found what's up with that been a week now that's not right where do you gey help for theses issues i have done everything Leeanna Wong

  • Kate Hancock

    If you think it's a bug, just let Zynga's customer support know. They
    should be able to fix you right up :)

  • Smcmahon

    cool i have him (HOPE YOUR JEALOUS) Ha!

  • Jessica

    i gave zynga all the permission they need to send me the e-mail…i even double checked to make sure the e-mail address was correct. I checked all my mail and Petville still hasn't sent me the combination, no matter how many times i click the “e-mail me the combination” button….it really sucks cause the cage kicks around and whimpers while i play…… there something ive missed or done wrong? hope someone can help, cause if not, im quiting this game cause it frustrates me.

  • Kate Hancock

    Just let Zynga's customer support know. They should be able to fix you right up :)

  • Kathyboone411

    i have not had any challenges and I don't know what is going on

  • Cmanna3523

    I had the same problem, never got the code, and one day the bird appeared.

  • Sara

    i can not open it help even if i press email the combo

  • Sara

    you are so rude

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