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Wed, Apr 14, 2010

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Have a question about the new personalities that are available? Want to know how to change your personality, find out how to get more treats, or learn how to use the treats?

Zynga has you covered! The developer posted some purrfectly helpful info this afternoon on the PetVille fan page. Here are some frequently asked questions about the new pet-sonalities, with answers from the inside!

Can I change my personality?
Yes! Click on the Sunglasses icon at the bottom of your screen to change your personality at any time.

Can I have more than one personality?
You can level up as many personalities as you would like. Your pet will only show the animations for one personality at a time, but you can earn all of the rewards for the other personalities.

How do I get treats?
Ask your friends to send you treats as free gifts! Click on the Sunglasses icon and then click on the “Ask A Friend” button to ask them to send you more treats.

How do I level up my personality?
Click on the Sunglasses icon at the bottom of the screen and then click on “Eat Treat.” You must maintain your level by occasionally feeding personality cupcake treats to your pet.

Will I lose my reward items if my personality drops down a level?
No. You will keep your rewards once you have earned them. If you have earned the level 5 interactive object reward, your pet will not be able to use this item until they are level 5 again.

I put on my spiked bracelet or feather boa and can’t take it off. How do I remove this from my pet?
Click on the Wardrobe icon at the bottom of your screen. Then, click on the piece of clothing you want to remove and drag it into your Wardrobe.

Can I feed my pet personality cupcake treats by dragging them out of my storage?
Yes. You can feed your pet the personality cupcake treats by dragging them out of your storage and into your room. Feeding them to your pet this way will also help you level up your pet’s personality.

How do I make my pet perform tricks?
Your pet will automatically perform personality tricks on its own! As you level up your personality, your tricks will get better and better.

Can I feed my friend’s pet a personality cupcake treat?
Yes! Visit a friend’s house and drag a treat out of your storage and into the room. Your friend’s pet will eat the treat and it will help them level up their personality!

Click here to play PetVille and pick your personality!

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