PetVille Personalities: Creative, Outgoing & Troublemaker Pets Get Animated Rewards

Wed, Apr 14, 2010

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Personalities have arrived in PetVille! Players can now select one of three pet-sonalities for their pets: Creative, Outgoing or Troublemaker. Each personality comes equipped with its own animations and rewards, like texting friends and wearing feathery boas.

Send your friends free cupcake treats to help level up their pet’s personality, and ask them to send cupcake treats back so your pet can level up too.

According to the PetVille forum, “Click on the Sunglasses icon at the bottom of your screen in order to choose which personality you would like your pet to be. You can change your personality at any time.

You can level up your personality by feeding your pet new Personality treats! Personality treats are free gifts that you can send to your friends. Make sure to tell your friends which kinds of personality treats you are collecting!

As you level up your personality, your pet will learn new animations and get special personality prizes! Once you reach level 5 of your personality, you will unlock a special interactive object for your pet!”

Here is more information on each personality, including the first reward for each (which you earn after eating 2 cupcakes per personality).

The 5 levels of Creative include: Day Dreamer, Original, Innovative, Artist Extraordinaire and Visionary.

For mastering Level 1 of Creative, you earn an Art School Beret and a Make Pawtery animation.

The 5 levels of Outgoing include: Friendly, Extrovert, Chatterbox, Life of the Party and Social Butterfly.

For mastering Level 1 of Outgoing, you earn a Feathery Boa and Shirt, and a Text Message OMG! animation.

The 5 levels of Troublemaker include: Mischievous, Instigator, Ringleader, Just Bad and Rebel without a Cause.

For mastering Level 1 of Troublemaker, you earn a DIY Spiked Bracelet and Spit the Ball animation.

Well there you have it – go eat up some free cupcakes and get animated in PetVille now! What personality will you choose for your pet first?

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