PetVille Neighborhood Bonus, Comments Box: Post-Facebook-Notification Notifications

Mon, Mar 1, 2010

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What’s with that new green bunny-shaped icon in PetVille?Welcome to the Neighborhood! Zynga has made PetVille’s neighbor “visit” feature a bit more official, including an enhanced cleaning system and a new bonus meter where players can track their “Neighborhood Bonus”. You can earn daily bonus coins for visiting friends in the game, grooming them and cleaning up their houses.

You can access the Neighborhood box by clicking the green bunny-shaped icon on the bottom of your PetVille screen (right next to the Comment box). The Neighborhood Bonus box contains your pet’s Happy -O- Meter, which increases when you visit and care for your friends’ pets in the game.

Now that Facebook has nixed game notifications, PetVille players also have a new place (the Comment Box) to track which friends visited their pet’s pad, who sent gifts, and who left comments. Click on the pencil/notepad icon to access your Comments Box. Similar to the Neighborhood Bonus, you can earn daily bonus coins when your friends leave comments in your pet’s Comment Box.

Zynga advises players to “keep your neighbors green and happy and collect the Happy Neighborhood bonus once per day by clicking on the new green bunny shaped icon on your screen!” The game’s developer also posted a full guide to the new Neighborhoods on the PetVille fan page (on Facebook). Here’s how it works:Now when you take care of your friend’s pets, you’ll receive a new bonus called the Happy Neighborhood bonus! Read on to learn more about this new feature and find out some tips to help you maximize your coin earnings!

When you care for your neighbors, you will make them happy which is indicated by a new icon at the bottom of your screen. This icon will be red, yellow, or green. The more green neighbors you have, the bigger the bonus will be! You can receive your Happy Neighborhood bonus once per day. This bonus is on top of the All Clean bonuses that you already earn!

You can also now quickly see which of your friends has a house that needs cleaning. Move your mouse over your neighbor’s pictures at the bottom of the screen to see if they need to be soaped or if they have trash in their house.

Since there is a new Happy Neighborhood bonus every day, some of the ways that you have been making money have now changed. The “All Clean” bonus for picking up all of the trash in a neighbor’s house is now based on how much work you have to do to clean up in that house. This means that larger houses with lots of trash will give out higher bonuses.

*Tip* If you have a lot of neighbors, visit the largest and dirtiest houses first to earn the largest “All Clean” bonuses first.

There is now less trash overall so players can receive All Clean bonuses and get their neighbors happy much quicker than before. More trash will appear throughout the day for those that wish to come back to the game more often and clean up their friend’s houses again. Some of your neighbors will be messier than others! One day you may need to only clean a few rooms of your neighbor’s house and on the next day you may need to clean all of their rooms. This will change from day to day.

Some players may notice that how much coin they are earning has changed. You may need to alter your strategy with these new changes in order to maximize the amount of bonuses that you receive every day.

Your bonus will be larger based on how much trash there is to clean up in your neighbor’s house. If you find a neighbor that has 9 rooms and is very dirty, you will have more trash to clean up and can get over 70 love and 180 coins for the All Clean bonus.

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