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Thu, Aug 5, 2010

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Welcome to another edition of Zynga Game Updates! In this installment, we see a slew of new items being released in two of Zynga’s games – PetVille and YoVille. In PetVille, a new theme of items, entitled Midnight Crypt, has been launched, while you can now purchase even more Moroccan themed items in YoVille.

PetVille Midnight Crypt Items Now Available

In addition to the currently available Twilight or “Dusk” theme of items in the game, Zynga has added an even more sinister set of items to the game, in the form of a “Midnight Crypt” set.

The theme is dark, gothic and consists mostly of varying shades of black and red. There are creepy paintings with moving eyes, candlesticks with red candles that drip like blood, mysterious potion bottles to place on equally unnerving furniture items, and even an “Eternal Sleep Bed” that is creepy enough in name alone, without having to even look at it.

One item in particular is worth noting, as it is a limited edition item. That item is the Baron Battis, available for 12 Pet Cash. It will only be around for the next four days, so if you’d like to have this animated little creature flying around your home, be sure to pick it up while it’s still available (note that the tree branch pictured alongside the creature is a separate purchase of 4,100 coins).

Stained glass windows, along with a new flooring and wallpaper option help complete this initial release of items in the theme, but Zynga says that more items will be released with the same dark and moody look in the future. For now, head over to the game’s page to browse through the available selections.

Moroccan Oasis Lifestyle Items Now Available in YoVille

If you thought the previously released set of Moroccan items would be the end of the theme in YoVille, think again, as 42 new items have been released under the “Moroccan Oasis Lifestyle” heading. These items range from SandStone Pillars and Moroccan Ruins, for 3 and 8 YoCash respectively, to more intricate items like a Canopy, or a set of Hookahs, available in a wide array of colors (blue, red, brown, white, etc.).

You can pick up bolts of fabric in shades of red, blue, white, teal, brown and purple, palm trees of various shapes and sizes, a Moroccan Coffee Pot, a Scorpion Sculpture, some vases, and even some rugs, among other items.

Add these to the already released room-by-room sets (the Bathroom or Living Room specific items, as examples), and you have a Moroccan theme filled with almost 400 different items. Make sure to head over to the game’s page to pick up any that interest you while they are still available, and check back with us in the future for more news considering this theme that doesn’t seem to want to stop.

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