PetVille Mayor Proclaims Pound-Free Holiday, Rescued Pets Rejoice Over Savings

Tue, Feb 23, 2010

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Lazy Facebook pet owners listen up! Regrettably, my PetVille pal LollarBills got thrown in the slammer yet again. Because I was busy enjoying a weekend getaway in the mountains (unplugged as possible), I can’t say I’m that sorry about the whole ordeal to begin with.  *Vacation notwithstanding* I was totally relived… pleased as punch… this evening, to find that the PetVille pound released LollarBills completely free of charge!

According to the game’s fan page, the mayor of PetVille (good ol’ Mr. Zynga) has announced a pound-free holiday! For the next 2 days all pound fees have been waived, which means you can finally rescue your furry little friend without losing an arm and a leg. The pesky pound people come and collect pets from inattentive players, caging them up and holding your snuggly wuggly for ransom. If your pet has been hauled away, pound fees can cost you anywhere from 500 to upwards of several thousand PetVille Coins – but this week you can bail your  pet out of jail for the low, low price of nothing.

Careless pet owners will be able to weasel out of their pound fees, and hopefully learn a valuable virtual lesson for the future – play more PetVille! Otherwise you may not be so lucky next time, and nothing is worse than a puppy face in prison.

Do not pass go, do not collect $200. Just head directly to PetVille and retrieve your retriever before the pound-free holiday is gone for good.

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