PetVille Easter Egg Hunt Mini-Game: Pick Bunnies, Find Prize-Filled Eggs

Thu, Apr 1, 2010

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PetVille players have a new seasonal game to play this week – the Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt. You’ll need a little help from your friends to collect the game-entry Easter baskets (one play per basket you receive), and a little luck to select the rascally rabbits who are concealing eggs.

Like the Saint Patrick’s Day “find the 4-leaf clover” game, all you have to do is try to pick which bunny (from set of 9) has the hidden Easter Egg. In total, there are 12 hidden eggs to find, plus one Deluxe Egg for finding all 12 hidden eggs, and you’ll be able to open up each one on April 4th to see what special springtime prizes your pet has procurred.

Here’s the whole scoop from the PetVille forum moderator: “The Easter egg scavenger hunt has begun! Click on the bunny that has appeared in your house to play the Easter egg hunt mini game! There are 12 different kinds of eggs that you can win from the game. Each egg can be opened on April 4th!

Collect all 12 eggs and you’ll receive a special deluxe egg to open on the 4th!

Your bunny will need baskets in order to play the game. Click on the bunny to send baskets to your friends and ask them to send you baskets so that you can play more! The bunny will have baskets in his hand when you have more game plays available.”

As you can see from the screenshot above, my pet’s not doing so hot in the race to collect Easter Eggs… I’d better go beg for more baskets to try and find all those eggs in time! Also – you’d better hurry and buy any of those Easter costumes or decorations you might want before they hop back down the bunny trail too.

How many Easter Eggs have you unearthed in the PetVille Egg Hunt mini-game?

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  • Kina Heather

    I'm dying to know… are there any sites giving up what's in the eggs? I went overboard and collected a BUNCH, but like I kid, I don't want to wait to open them! lol

  • Kate Hancock

    I haven't seen any spoilers yet – only one more day to wait though :)
    Let us know what you ffind in all those eggs! I haven't been able to
    collect very many (guess I'm a bad guesser;) Thanks for reading!

  • Gina

    I'm having a weird problem with the Easter Egg Hunt… I have completed the challenge yet I do not show all 12 eggs in my basket.

  • Kate Hancock

    Were you able to open your eggs on Sunday? Maybe there was just a glitch -
    if you completed the Easter Egg-cellence challenge then you should have all
    12 eggs. They show up in the first room of your pet's house when you log
    into the game. Find any cool prizes?