PetVille Den Furniture Now Available: Aquariums, Pianos and a Pet Cash Switcheroo

Mon, Apr 5, 2010

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Does your PetVille pet want to plop down at the end of a long day, cozy up with a strong martini, and enjoy a relaxing fireside evening? Do you want to spoil your pet with wild animal furnishings, grand pianos, gold records and ceiling fans? Well what do ya know… Now you can!

New den items (like wall art, musical instruments and sports memorabilia) are now available in the PetVille furniture marketplace. Visit the 7th floor in the furniture store to check out all the interesting items below.

The PetVille den collection contains a variety of new home decor and furniture available for a mix of Coins and Pet Cash, as one might expect. The first item you’ll see on a stroll through the Den Store, is a familiar fireplace.

In the PetVille forum, Lady Frankenstein wisely asks: “Did you notice the fireplace for 25 PetCash? Exactly the same fireplace was available at Christmas for coins!”

Zynga has even added animated FishVille themed aquarium you can display in pet’s your house. The aquarium comes equipped with two fish that swim happily around their FishVille-branded home. For you fish freaks out there, you can find more info about the FishVille aquariums here.

As for new wall art in the PetVille Den Store, you’ll find posters, pictures, flags, busts, clocks and other decorative items, like boats and an armored knight statue.

There are musical instruments like pianos and a cello. And you can snag some silver, gold or platinum records for your PetVille pet.

Perhaps you’d like to pick up one bourbon, one scotch and one beer. Who am I to stop you? This, though, is the other area of the Den Store where players in the PetVille forum take issue.

WanderingElf says, “One thing though – isn’t it a bit cheeky to now be charging 3 petcash for the martini glasses and shaker which have been available for ages for a coin price? I’ve got one of these in my kitchen – I’ve had it since before petcash came out so I KNOW it’s not always been at this price. – WanderingElf

And oneluckymom replies, “Aww that is sneaky – I looked in the dining section to see if they were still the coin price there, but they altered it there too. Those glasses are now the only item in the entire dining section that are cash lol”

There are several wild animal decorations available, including everything from a scary brown bear statue and bear rug to swordfish, moose and signing fish wall art. It’s a redneck pet’s dream come true!

Finally, PetVille players can show their alliance with new sports memorabilia, like jerseys (from the “Leashers” and “Pets”), and trophys for football, soceer, basketball, hockey, cycling and more.

What do you think about the new PetVille den decorations and furniture? Have you purchased any of these items for your furry friend?

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