PetVille Challenge Bonanza! Previous Weekly Challenges Return

Wed, May 5, 2010

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Weekly challenges update! PetVille players are in for a sweet treat this week – for one week only, Zynga has turned on a boatload of previous challenges. That means you can go back and complete old ones you might have missed.

There are 25 total challenges available this week. I can’t imagine there are very many not included in this all-out barnyard bonanza.

According to the Petville forum, “Did you miss a few challenges? Do you want to go back and have another chance to finish them? Well this week is a Challenge Bonanza! Lots of old challenges are back for one more go-round if you didn’t finish them before.”

Below is a rundown of everything  available – please disregard my completion status (or at least don’t make fun ;) You can find more information about ALL of these PetVille challenges in the Frisky Mongoose archives.

The following challenges are included in the week-long fest: Good Neighboring Award, Coffee Fiend, Orange You Sweet, Who Loves Ya Baby, Welcome Home, Daisy Age, Spring Cleaning, The It Pet, Holla Back, Juicy Tidbits, Speed Gifting, Sock Monkey, Kibble Lover, Boogie Monster, Gimme Some Skin, You’ve Got Personality, Pizza Picker-Upper, Berry Berry Blueberry, Pirate Treasure, Tickle Monster, Keep Up With Joneses, Warm Welcomer, Bluebell My Belle, Smooch Fest and last but not least, Express Yourself.

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