PetVille Brings Friendly Shopping In-House, Puts Clothing on Display

Tue, Apr 20, 2010

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With a seemingly minor update, now every day is a rummage sale in PetVille! (Well, sort of…) According to Zynga, players can now “shop for decorations while visiting friends! Like the couch your neighbor has but don’t have time to go shopping? Now you can click on an item at their house and purchase one just like it!”

In fact, the update is quite huge, even if the in-game differences aren’t all that noticeable. And on top of that, similar to Animal Crossing (and to increase sales I’m sure), players can also now display their pet’s clothes and accessories in their house for neighbors to see (without actually WEARING them). No that doesn’t mean your pet has to walk around naked, it just means that your whole house can become a closet of sorts for your friends to peruse and/or purchase .

According to Zynga: “Show off your clothing collection in PetVille! You can now put your clothing in your room so that your friends can see all of the clothes that you’ve collected.” And from the PetVille forum moderator: “You can now put any of your clothing items on display in your rooms if you wish :) Just remember that if you cannot find one of your pieces of clothing… you may have left it somewhere in your house!”

Perhaps someone suggested these ideas in the recent PetVille survey, or maybe Zynga’s been working on them for a while. In any case, this new quick-purchase feature will be a HUGE time-saver next time you see something in a friend’s house that you want to buy.

Instead of loading up the world map, traveling to the store, scrolling through 50 pages to find the item in question and buying it there; now you just have to click on the product in your friend’s house and buy it.

Lollarbills displays some of her favorite duds

To sum up simply: Don’t get green with in-game item envy, just buy one for yourself by clicking what you want when visiting PetVille neighbors. If it’s on display, it’s up for sale. Well, almost everything is up for sale – here are the qualifiers according to the forum:

“Everyone can now purchase items at their neighbor’s houses! Items that are limited edition or are no longer available in stores will not be available to purchase through this method. You will be able to purchase the starter items that come with each room. If you wanted to get a clawfoot bathtub or if you sold your original garage door, just find a friend who has these items in their house!”

Lollarbills looks to buy a kiddie pool on-the-spot

How long do you think it will be before this type of friendly shopping is available in Zynga’s other Facebook games? (My guess: not very long at all). What do you think about the new quick-shop feature? Like it? Love it? Leave it? Let us know in the comments below!

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