PetVille Accessories Now Available in Premium Store: Purses, iPads, 24K and More

Fri, Mar 19, 2010

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PetVille players can finally accessorize their furry friends! Accessories including purses, cell phones and PDAs have been added to the game’s Premium Store.

I hope you’ve been saving your Pet Cash, because these new accessories are EXPENSIVE. The cheapest new item is a blue Beach Time! Bag, which will still cost you 9 Pet Cash to carry around.

But for you high-rollers, here’s a full rundown of all the new PetVille accessories:

La Royale Clutch – 16 Pet Cash
Leather La Portee Hand Bag – 14 Pet Cash
Leather Peche Handbag – 20 Pet Cash
Atelier Hand Bag – 12 Pet Cash

PV Cleolette Clutch Blue – 10 Pet Cash
PV Cleolette Clutch Red – 13 Pet Cash
PV Cleolette Clutch Purple – 15 Pet Cash
La Royale Soft Leather – 18 Pet Cash
Beach Time! Bag Blue – 9 Pet Cash
Beach Time! Bag Pink – 12 Pet Cash
Leather Pattern Purse – 33 Pet Cash
Leather Belle Purse – 35 Pet Cash

Atelier Hand Bag Striped – 35 Pet Cash
Atelier Hand Bag Plaid – 40 Pet Cash
Black Leather Curlies – 50 Pet Cash
PV Signature XOXO Bag – 50 Pet Cash

PV Insigne Series Purse – 18 Pet Cash
La Royale Clutch Beige – 23 Pet Cash
Pink Vinyl Bag – 20 Pet Cash
Gold Vinyl Bag – 12 Pet Cash
Purple Vinyl Bag – 14 Pet Cash
Grey Vinyl Bag – 18 Pet Cash

There are even special edition handbags, including a 24K Poretti Special Purse (diamond encrusted, of course), Pink Distingue Bag and PV Limited Edition Platinum Series Purse available to the first 500 suckers players, for 100 Pet Cash.And finally the cell phones and PDA shelf – An iPhone will cost you 40 Pet Cash and the iPad will cost you 60 Pet Cash. If you’re not rolling in dough, you can get a more modest purple or pink cell phone for 14 or 23 Pet Cash respectively. Whatever ridiculously overpriced mobile device you choose, at least they have clever names:

Raspberry Arc – 33 Pet Cash
Raspberry Inferno – 35 Pet Cash
P-Fone – 40 Pet Cash
P-Slate – 60 Pet Cash
P-Mobile Flip50 – 14 Pet Cash
P-Mobile S2000 – 18 Pet Cash
P-Mobile Edge – 23 Pet Cash
P-Mobile Sidwinder – 28 Pet CashWhat do you think about the new PetVille accessories (especially the prices)? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Sharon Dills

    Too pricey for items that have no purpose except for 'looks'… make them do something fun or cute and
    I'd be more willing to buy them!
    Friend me and be a petville neighbor!

  • Kate Hancock

    Agreed! What if the cell phones allowed you to leave a note for your
    neighbor without actually visiting them, or something like that? I'm sure
    Zynga will come up with something, otherwise you're exactly right – Pet Cash
    is too expensive to spend such a chunk on something you can't even use.

    At the rate of 60 Pet Cash per 5 dollars, those limited edition purses are
    almost $10 in real life. My suggestion for folks purchasing Pet Cash is to
    buy in bulk to save some cash. Good luck!

  • Jay

    U Shud put da prices down so people can afford it easily it wud be better for me and millions of other people

  • Kate Hancock

    Hey I'm right there with you. Please note that we don't *make* the games,
    just report on them :) We can only put in a good word and hope for the best,
    but you can ask Zynga to lower the prices in the PetVille forum here:

  • Bayley Hadley

    ummm wayyy to expensive! i can't afford anything petville cash! I don't have a job, so it's not really fair! they are cute, but they don't do anything! I would suggest lowering the price on a lot of things, like purses, phones, backyard stuff, and the laundry detergent stuff!

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    i like special purse collection.i like its all design & pattern,they are very shower & latest design.i like its color their are very pretty.i like it.

  • Kate Hancock

    I like the purses too – just wish my pet could afford them ;)

  • Matthew

    i love the iphone and i pad but i hate the prices

  • Coach Handbags On Sale

    buying expensive items just to look good is so impractical nowadays lol

  • remove ThinkPoint virus

    Wow, I can’t help buying them!!!