PetCash Premium Currency and Special New Store in PetVille

Mon, Feb 8, 2010

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PetVille has a new premium currency called PetCash, and a new virtual goods marketplace where you can spend it (on premium virtual products, what else?).

All PetVille players received 5 PetCash as a free gift from Zynga to entice appetites for the new premium goods. And for a limited time, you can visit your neighbors’ houses to earn more free handouts, by discovering hidden PetCash. For example, I found 3 PetCash in a treasure chest while visiting a friend’s house last week.

But after the limited-time deal to earn PetCash goes away (or if you want more than you can find), you’ll need to visit the PetVille bank and pay real money (dollars, pesos, euros, whatever) to purchase more PetCash. Currency is sold in various increments – here’s what it’ll cost you: 700 PetCash = $49.99, 280 PetCash = $19.99, 130 PetCash = $9.99 or 60 PetCash = $4.99.

Check out the newly launched Premium Store now to see all the special items you can buy with PetCash. Zynga’s already been busy adding new Premium Collections, like the White Tigers and Diamond Disco lines (both available now), plus a fancy gold car and motorcycle, premium clothes and accessories to indulge your pet in luxury.

Players can even upgrade their environment with 4 different sceneries, to change the view outside your pets’ windows. These new views are available now in the Premium Showroom and include: Big City (20,000 Coins), Tropical Vacation (22 PetCash), Moonlight Meadow (18 PetCash) and Scenic Countryside (14 PetCash). Will your pet live in the big city or down by the beach?

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