Pet Society’s Newest Item Theme is Totally Righteous

Mon, May 17, 2010

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*Cue Valley Girl voice* There are.. like.. totally… like, some new items available in Pet Society, and they’re like totally tubular and stuff. *End Valley Girl voice*

Translation? Playfish has decided to honor the 1980′s with its newest item theme in Pet Society, bringing back the days of the cassette tape, big hair and neon colored leggings to our lives.

The theme starts in the game’s Furniture Store, with wall stickers allowing you to add some bright art to your walls for 300-500 coins, bright pink and zebra striped furniture for the living room (also available in a classic black and white zebra print coloration), and even a Music Video TV stage, setting you back a whopping 8,000 coins, among other items.

While still in the Furniture Store, click on the Bedroom tab and you’ll find matching zebra print beds in the two color palettes available in the aforementioned living room furniture.

Heading over to the game’s Market, you’ll find guitars, a retro boombox and even retro handheld video game systems available to purchase for prices ranging from 1,000 to 3,000 coins.

In the game’s Boutique (Cash Shop), you’ll find two pairs of roller skates, with the Blue and Yellow variety costing 6 Playfish Cash, to the Pink and White option’s 8 Playfish Cash price.

When it comes to dressing up your pet to match this theme, both boys and girls can purchase 80′s hair wigs, while girls can pick from bright neon colored or animal print dresses, and boys pets can wear zebra print pants or a red bandana shirt, among other options.

Finally, to finish off the entire theme, head over to the game’s D.I.Y. Store to purchase new zebra print wallpaper for use in decorating your home.

*Cue Valley Girl voice* Like, omygosh! How totally cute! If you want to pick up some of these items, like, be sure to head over to the game’s page on Facebook! Tee hee!

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