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Fri, Aug 13, 2010

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A few interesting updates have been added to Happy Pets this week, in the form of a new set of Bear pets, and a Pet Replicator, which will let you literally clone one of your pets.

Clone Your Pets With Pet Replicator

If your friends have been jealous of some of your limited edition pets (or even of your regular pets), you now have the chance to share them with your friends, via the use of a Pet Replicator.

The Pet Replicator is available to purchase for 120 Facebook Credits, or $12.00 US. It is a one-time-use item that allows you to instantly clone one of your pets. Whether you keep the pet, or trade it to one of your friends will be up to you, but you’ll earn 300 experience points during the process of replicating the pet.

Keep in mind that this would be a great way to duplicate retired pets, and even make a bit of money off of the transaction, if you want to sell your duplicated pets to a friend for a profit.

Four New Bears Available to Adopt

If you’ve been wanting to add more variety to your collection of pets in the game, you can now add Bears to the list of available options. So far, there are just four bears available to purchase.

The bears are the Polar Bear, Brown Bear, Black Bear and Psychedelic Bear. The Polar, Brown, and Black Bears are available for 48 Facebook Credits. or the equivalent of $4.80 US. Meanwhile, the Psychedelic Bear is available for 60 Facebook Credits, or $6.00.

Regardless of the bear you choose to purchase, all will grow to adulthood after a week’s time (a complete seven days), so long as they are fed regularly, at a rate of once every 16 hours.

While these are premium pets, they aren’t limited, meaning that they are available to as many users who want them, and will apparently be available for permanently as well. Head over to the game’s page to purchase any of these bears for yourself.

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  • Elisa Barbero Diaz

    I think some time soon Crowdstar should stop a bit with the high-profit releases and take some time to make the game more manageable. we have this hotel that is not capable of make searches or clasify pets anyhow, even though you can have more than 500 pets inside. We don´t have any facilities to transfer pets or objects to neighbours, even though it is a major interest of the game (collecting and exchanging). Even the new adoption idol sucks for this purpose. There are tons of bugs, there is no technical service when you follow the technical services link… in this context, yes, having a 120FBC thingy that can replicate my very unique pet so I can trade it to a neighbour, yes, that is exactly what we were looking for. PFFFFFF.