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Tue, Aug 10, 2010

Happy Pets, Social

As we told you last week, Social Breeding was announced by CrowdStar for Happy Pets. However, at the time, the feature had not yet been added to the game. That all has changed this week, as not only can you now breed your pets with your friends, but you can also purchase horses from a new variety added to the game’s store.

Social Breeding Now Available

If you’ve been wanting a way to better experience Happy Pets with your friends, you can now breed your pets with your friends’ pets via the process of social breeding.

The process itself couldn’t be simpler. Just go to your friends’ home, click on a pet of your choosing and click on the Heart icon in the bottom right corner of the pet menu that appears (the menu that contains the pet’s name, among other things).

This will allow you to send a request to your friend, asking them if they’d like their pet to breed with yours. The fee for requesting a social breed is 200 coins.

If they accept, and breeding is successful, both you and your friend will receive a pet basket, allowing you both to receive a free baby pet.

Purchase A New Variety of Horses from the Store

Due to high user demand, CrowdStar has added a wide variety of horse breeds to the game’s store, with these horses being permanent additions, rather than limited edition pets that will only be available for a limited time.

There are 13 different horses now available, in addition to those release previously. Here’s the rundown of the newly available permanent horses:

  • Orange Pinto Horse – 50 Facebook Credits ($5.00 US)
  • Cherry Horse – 50 Facebook Credits
  • Cotton Unicorn – 62 FC ($6.20 US)
  • Jet Black Unicorn – 62 FC
  • Amethyst Appaloosa – 54 FC
  • Snow Clydesdale Appaloosa – 50 FC
  • Bronze Zebra – 54 FC
  • Pinto Clydesdale – 50 FC
  • Violet Horse – 50 FC
  • Jet Black Pegasus – 62 FC
  • Psychedelic Horse – 60 FC
  • Zebra – 52 FC
  • White Clydesdale Pegasus – 62 FC

Regardless of the breed you choose, they will all grow to maturity in seven days, that is, if they are fed regularly, on the schedule of once every 16 hours.

Head over to the game’s page on Facebook to purchase any of these horses, or to start breeding your pets today.

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