Parrots Are Now an Adoptable Species in Happy Pets

Wed, Mar 10, 2010

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Bird-watchers rejoice! Parrots are now available as an adoptable species in Crowdstar’s Happy Pets.

The parrots come in five varieties, four monochrome (pink, red, green, and blue) and the traditional macaw coloring.

You’ll have to be at least level 21 to begin unlocking access to the birds, as the green parrot is unlocked at said level. Afterward, a new color is unlocked every two levels. If you simply can’t wait that long to add a parrot to your animal family, you can purchase the macaw-colored parrot for 54 Facebook Credits (premium currency items tend to have no required level, so as to encourage starter players to purchase the items when all others are locked, as is the case here).

Head over to the game’s page to add one of these avian options to your collection today.

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