Panda Jam is Not a Condiment

Wed, Sep 19, 2012

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Ethics of making panda jam aside, I think we can all agree on one basic tenet of life: Pandas > Baboons. So when a cranky monkey kidnaps a bunch of adorable baby pandas (no doubt out of jealousy), it’s the sort of thing we’re not willing to stand for. Thankfully, TriplePoint client SGN has brought Panda Jam from the wilds of Facebook into the safe, nurturing environment of iOS devices, where we can all rescue pandas all the time, forever, no matter where we are. Take that, you baboon jerk.

From the press release:

In Panda Jam, players try to rescue baby pandas by breaking groups of colored blocks. Not only are blocks continually being added, but players have a limited number of moves to complete the rescue and must achieve a minimum score to pass each level. Breaking more blocks and collecting strawberries awards more points and earns coins to spend on power-ups that increase block-breaking power. Compete with your friends to earn prizes and achieve the highest score!

It’s free, by the way. A baboon probably would have tried to charge money for the game.

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