Palm Pre Sells 4,500 Units Daily, to the Android’s 90,000

Tue, Mar 23, 2010

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The Palm Pre was touted by some as an iPhone-killer when it released in the middle of last year. Now, however, the sales figures are proving that the Pre has been anything but, selling only 408,000 units in the last quarter.

We can’t really judge this figure without something to compare it to, but Mobile Content Today has posted that the Android moves 90,000 units daily, to the iPhone’s 60,000. If we say that a quarter equals 90 days, and the Palm sold 408,000 units in that time frame, that’s… 4533 Palm Pre smartphones sold daily.

So much for iPhone killer…

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  • Talor Berthelson

    Youch Palm… Youch.

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  • fernandodegasperis

    Why would you compare all 26 Android-based phone models to a single Palm-Pre model?
    On average a single Android phone sold less than 3,500 phones daily during the same period.

  • jose_ndc

    26 Android-based phones?! That's 3,461 units average sold per Android phone – doesn't sound like iPhone killers there. Android-based smartphones may not be doing any better than the Palm Pre. How about you find the number of daily units sold for the Palm Pre Plus and combine the two. It might be double the units of about 7,000 units sold per day not including the number of units sold for the Palm Pixi and Palm Pixi Plus.

    Then when AT&T begins selling the Palm Pre Plus, tally up all your numbers to get a better idea how many Pre-variant devices are being bought everyday.