Palm Headed For RIM?

Thu, Apr 1, 2010


Let’s face it, Palm hasn’t necessarily been the golden boy in sales lately. Android and the iPhone continue to dominate while the outlook appears to be grim for Palm. Well, VentureBeat has a unique opinion on the ailing company and what its future holds. The solution according to VentureBeat? Buyout by Research In Motion best known for their BlackBerry series of smartphones.

VentureBeat notes that Palm really has no chance of survival on its own and needs a buyer to survive. The bad choices Palm has made over the last year just can’t be rectified easily enough on their own. So why does RIM make sense?

RIM makes sense because RIM needs WebOS to stay relevant. BlackBerry’s current software trend is a fragmented mess that needs to be fixed to stay competitive with platforms such as the iPhone and Android. RIM still has a good hold on corporate and enterprise smartphone users and could continue holding on to them with platform unity that Palm could provide. WebOS is a strong, modern mobile platform that has little backing and could be helped by releasing it on the BlackBerry hardware.

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