Overcoming Inertia for Free

Thu, Jan 5, 2012

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Apps! There’s too many! Sure, every day there’s a story about how great all these apps are, and they’re so cheap, and you really ought to get them and see what everyone’s talking about… aw, but navigating to the App Store is so hard. It takes so long. I’ll get those apps later… maybe tomorrow…

No. Not tomorrow. You need to do this now. See, what you’re exhibiting is called inertia — the tendency of an object at rest to stay at rest, specifically, the tendency of you to sit on your rump and not take care of business. So it’s time to break that inertia, by downloading Inertia — a great game from TriplePoint client Red Fly Studio. And you need to do it right now, because it’s the FreeAppADay, meaning it’s completely free, but only for a day.

This day. Right now.

Read for yourself:

A challenging and unique mobile game, Inertia: Escape Velocity puts players in the space suit of deep space scavenger Hermes, who must collect scrap to fix his downed spaceship and return home. Armed with a unique anti-gravity mechanic, players will jump, float, and bounce their way across levels, manipulating gravity and navigating force fields to get Hermes home. Download the Standard Definition version of Inertia: Escape Velocity on the App Store today for free!

Stop being at rest, you dang object!

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