Osmos Coming to iPhone and iPad with Beta

Thu, Jun 24, 2010

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Osmos has become a hit already on the PC and Mac with its visually stunning graphics and addictive gameplay. The creators, Hemisphere Games, however are not just content with stopping on the home computer and are moving efforts to Apple’s signature mobile devices: The iPad and iPhone. According to GameZebo, they are also holding a beta event in which you can participate in starting now.

Even though the game is releasing on both the iPhone and iPad, Eddy Boxerman of Hemisphere explains why the iPad version will be releasing first:

“About six months ago, Aaron – who had just finished a great job on the Mac port – began work on the iPhone version of Osmos. To be honest, we weren’t sure it would “fit”. Would the iPhone be powerful enough to simulate and render everything? How would Osmos feel and play with multitouch controls? Would it be fun and playable on “such a small screen”? Aaron decided to jump in and find out … And then a funny thing happened. Apple’s rumoured new tablet became a reality … Aaron had been preparing for it on the simulator, and it only took him a few hours to get Osmos up and running on the device. There were issues at first, but overall: wow! We were really excited and impressed. At that moment we knew we had to release the iPad version first.”

This all sounds extremely exciting. Are you planning on buying Osmos for iPad or iPhone? If so, which platform?

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