Operation CrossCounter Launches Initial Robot Salvo

Thu, Jun 28, 2012

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Well, it’s begun. A while back, we warned you of a nefarious robot plot being hatched by rotten machine sympathizers (and TriplePoint clients) Sollmo, in which the robots would conduct an invasion across multiple platforms. The plan, entitled Operation CrossCounter, is said to “offer real-time multiplayer across iOS, Android and web browsers,” allowing the robots to collaborate like never before. Well, they’ve made their way onto iOS, and Android & Web versions aren’t far behind. So how are our defenses doing? Did we finish that barricade?

What do you mean, “no?” Jeez, you guys. Why do I warn you if you don’t start hoarding and panicking? Read for yourself:

Operation CrossCounter is set in a fully-3D science fiction universe that is under invasion by evil machines known as the Guroken. Players partner with up to two other players or computer-controlled characters to complete missions and beat back the robotic invaders. Each mission is unique and may feature different goals, maps and enemies based on the game’s “War Situation System,” which analyzes each individual mission and bases future metagame events on the results for a unique experience every session. In Operation CrossCounter, every player is fighting for the future!

Okay? Every player. You guys need to pick up the slack and get fighting.

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