OnLive Doomed? Yes, Says Alex St. John

Sun, Apr 18, 2010

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Alex St. John, who is the CTO of social media company hi5, has some harsh words for OnLive–he says the online video game service is “doomed”.

St. John wrote a guest editorial on game industry tracker IndustryGamers, and highlighted three “fatal flaws” of OnLive:

  • There is real value in solving the delivery problems for retail games online
  • Traditional game publishers want your help
  • The games can be adapted to more flexible online business models

To round things out, St. John offered this conclusion:

The hard to accept reality is that traditional games designed for retail distribution are simply dead in an online world and frankly the publishers of these games will ultimately die with them because they can’t afford to adapt. Streaming the same content “on-demand” won’t save them. The exciting part of this change is that it’s a brave new world for new companies to step in and create the next-generation EAs and Take-Twos

St. John makes a pretty convincing argument, and the biggest one is really the second–that publishers will not likely be too interested in going head first into OnLive or any other service.

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