OneSchool Shows Up at Eight Schools

You can learn a lot at just one school. It would be extremely inconvenient if you had to go to separate institutions for communications, business, gastronomy, and cartography. Thankfully, there’s just OneSchool for all of that. OneSchool, a TriplePoint client you could learn from, just closed a $750,000 seed round and launched the OneSchool app in more than one school. The app is designed to help college students keep track of all of their basic needs, like campus transit, places to eat, textbook purchases, classroom locations, and so forth — allowing them to spend more time trying to amass helpful knowledge in dead languages and art history.

From the dean’s office press release:

OneSchool today officially launches across eight campuses, including Stanford University, Yale University, Penn State University, Columbia University, UCLA, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, University of Houston, and University of Waterloo. OneSchool’s investors include Learn Capital, 500 StartUps, and Magnolia Ventures LLC among others, and the team plans to use the funding they’ve received to continue rolling out the app at more campuses with additional features.

No word yet on if the app will pinpoint your rival university’s vandalism-friendly spots, or alert you to pick-up games of ultimate in the quad.

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