One Epic Knight Dies a Thousand Deaths

Thu, Aug 23, 2012

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So, a while back, TriplePoint client Simutronics put out a swell little tower defense game called Tiny Heroes. It was one of those “you play the bad guy” set-ups, where you were trying to defend your ill-gotten loot from hordes of pesky invading heroes. In that game, there was one unit you always hated to see coming — the “Epic Knight,” a nigh-indestructible little rapscallion who would waltz right through your traps, murder the heck out of your creatures, and promptly relieve you of all your gold. Man, I hated that guy.

Well, it turns out there’s a lot more to being that guy than just marching. Simutronics just put out a game that flips the viewpoint around, putting it within the golden visor of that indomitable hero. It’s called One Epic Knight, it’s an endless runner, and it’s pretty dang awesome. Now you’re the guy plowing through the dungeon, murdering the heck out of creatures, smashing through traps, and snatching up gold. But the game typically ends with you plummeting or crashing or impaling yourself to your ragdolling death. So that’s one more power the Epic Knight has — infinite respawns. Jeez.

From the press release:

In One Epic Knight, players will take charge of an Epic Knight who is on a quest for epic loot. While avoiding spike traps and lava pits, gamers must carefully maneuver through an ever-changing dungeon maze to find secret passages and treasure rooms. Along the way, the Epic Knight can collect swords to combat enemies, shields to break walls and spikes, crystals for extra speed, and a leg of meat to pave a path of destruction. As gamers acquire treasure, they can upgrade the Epic Knight’s armor and weapons and purchase new outfits and power-up potions. No obstacle can prevent the Epic Knight from getting his epic loot!

As most epic things ought to be, One Epic Knight is totally free. So go get it and start consuming digital turkey legs immediately.

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