OMGPOP Incorporates Virtual Currency into Remake of Missile Command

Thu, Mar 25, 2010


Social game portal OMGPOP has released their own version of Missile Command, the Atari title from the 1980′s. While the gameplay is essentially the same – users control a stationary, rotating turret and attempt to shoot enemy missiles as they fall towards them in the sky – OMGPOP has monetized the system by allowing players to use their stash of virtual coins on upgrades within the game.

As reported by Inside Social Games, as you gain levels, the enemy missiles start falling at a faster rate, requiring you to fire faster in return. You’re also attacked by stronger enemies like spaceships, as an example, which might place you in a dire situation of running out of missiles while being attacked from all sides.

By tapping on the space bar, you can use some of your stored OMGPOP Coins to instantly reload all of your missiles, nuke everything on screen, or heal your turret to full health. The upgrades cost increasingly large amounts of coins: 20, 500, and 1000 coins, respectively.

OMGPOP Coins may be earned by playing games on the website, or by answering questions, but they can also be purchased as most every other virtual currency can be, via PayPal, credit cards, completable offers, and so on.

Place a user in a frantic game of Missile Command, where they are about to die from an onslaught of falling missiles, and they’ll instinctively tap the space bar to save themselves. The theory is that the more frantic the gameplay, the less thinking a user will employ, and therefore the more spending they’ll do.

It’s an interesting idea, and it will be equally interesting to learn if the system affects OMGPOP’s profits in the long-term.

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