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Fri, Aug 20, 2010

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Have you been working hard at building your office, wishing you had some helpful tips to make the most of your Office Heroes experience? Well, today Astro Ape Studios (a TriplePoint client) posted a great guest blog by Florin Ursu, a seasoned Office Heroes player, who provides some super useful tips for maximizing your game.

Check out Florin’s tips:

OK, I received several requests in IMs so far if i can write a guide. While I don’t have the time to write a guide, I will put few things together here, for all to see. Take it for what is worth, I’m by no means the Office Heroes expert, nor do I try to pose as one. It is the way I played it and it is working for me. There might be others that don’t agree or have other strategies, the following is by no means the only way to play.

If you look at my office, based on time of the day, I use different items, depending on weather I am or not active around the iphone/ipad. For long term, usually the computers are the best, but for short term, once you can do “fill er up” the coffee things are better. I have a complete set of 7 of each.

Try to get the 3 stared items on each as they will last you longer, and give you access to the better tasks later on.

One thing you have to pay attention to is the total points received, not the difference between them, as you are not trying to make points for buying power but for leveling (if that is the goal, to level faster).

So divide the amount of total CP per task by the minutes that task takes and you will see which ones are most profitable.
If you are around the iphone often, you might want to use the coffee ones with the fill er up (or do your math in an excel sheet and see which is the most profitable). The fill er up, is by far the best until lvl 31, giving a return of 13 CP / minute, so if u can click every 30 minutes, that’s the way to go.

Then computers have several 4-6 hours tasks, that might be interesting for when you are away or sleeping.

At lvl 31 (i’m almost there, should be there by end of day), there is a new 60 minutes task on coffee machines again that will give 15 CP/min, and I currently use an 8 hour task that gives me 8.33 CP/min while sleeping and while away. Try that kind of approach and you will pass many by easily.

Like many other time management games, it has a variety of tasks, unlockable by level, with, expectedly, higher rewards for more active users while also offering some progress for longer duration tasks.

The intelligent player will find ways to optimize the experience, moving faster than those that “just click”, if that player will analyze each task individually. Because of lack of preview or offline resources for documentation, i suggest you take a screenshot of the highest item from each category and see all the tasks, save them and then document them for yourself. You will be interested in few fields: Category, Name of Task, Level To Access, CP to pay, CP to gain.

Make yourself a spreadsheet and add 2 columns for each task that will represent (CP to gain)/minute and (CP to gain – CP to pay)/minute. Those two parameters will show you how to optimize your progress, based on what your goal is. If you want to move fast through the levels, you might want to optimize the (CP to gain) while if u are in need of spending money (CP) you will care more about the other parameter.

You will find that you will do better having two sets of items (I use coffee and computers) and switch between them based on your availability around your iPhone.

This article was originally published by Florin Ursu on the Office Heroes blog. Thanks for the great tips & tricks, Florin!

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