O-Games Announces Summer Lineup of Titles for Wii, DS, and PC

Thu, Jul 29, 2010

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O-Games has announced a whopping nine new games, all of which will launch throughout September and October. The games will be available for either the Nintendo DS, Nintendo Wii or PC (and various combinations thereof for most games), and they encompass many genres, ranging from time management to makeup and fashion design. Here are the launch details for each:

  • Titanic Mystery - Coming to DS and Wii for $19.99 – Titanic Mystery asks players to find a bomb hidden on a new ocean liner called the Titanic II. The title is a hidden-object game with 30 levels, alongside 30 intricate mini-games. You’ll be able to travel around the landscapes talking to members of the crew and investigate clues as to where the bomb is placed and how to shut it off. Titanic Mystery will launch this September.
  • Mystery Tales: Time Travel – Coming to Nintendo DS for $19.99 – Mystery Tales Time Travel follows a French writer who comes across an old diary from a long-forgotten relative. You’ll be able to read the diary, and dive into a series of “historical adventures.” The object of the game is to solve the mysteries and find the clues of these new places so that you can go home. Some of the game’s locations include the Great Wall of China, Ancient Egypt, Baroque France and Rome. The game contains both mini-games (like Memory and Decryption), and will allow you to search for hidden objects in 30 different locations. The game will also launch sometime this September.
  • Treasures of Montezuma – Coming to Nintendo DS for $19.99 – Treasures of Montezuma asks players to unravel a mystery surrounding (and subsequently find) the lost treasures of Montezuma. You’ll do so by following Dr. Emily Jones on her quest to find the answer to this mystery, which is one that can change the world. The game itself is a match-three puzzle game, containing power-ups and the ability to trigger the creation of ancient totems. The game will launch sometime this September.
  • Challenge Me: Brain Puzzles 2 – Coming to DS, Wii and PC for $19.99 – Debuting this September, Challenge Me: Brain Puzzles 2 includes seven different games, including Sudoku, Towers, Number Soup, Squares and more. The games can be played on three different difficulty settings so that you’ll have room to grow as your skills increase. In addition, the game’s challenge mode will allow you to track your mental progress and judgement via statistics and graphs.
  • Challenge Me: Word Puzzles – Coming to DS, Wii, and PC for $19.99 – Challenge Me: Word Puzzles will launch this September with seven different word games included in the package. The games include Anagrams, Word Search, and Conundrum, and they are all designed with the goal of improving both your vocabulary and your overall concentration.
  • Girls Only - Coming to Nintendo DS for $19.99 – A compilation title of sorts, Girls Only will launch this October, and will allow young girls the opportunity to use their imagination and create fashion designs, take part in time-management mini-games concerning running their own ice cream parlor or decorating their rooms, or even take care of a pet by feeding it or giving it toys. When designing outfits, you can play in either Free or match mode, allowing you to either create an outfit from scratch, or hurriedly scroll through the available options to dress a girl in the same outfit worn by another.
  • Hysteria Hospital: Emergency Ward – Coming to PC for $9.99 – Launching this September, Hysteria Hospital: Emergency Ward will allow players to take on the very crowded halls of a hospital, as they try to keep the peace and stop anarchy from breaking loose. You’ll have to keep your patients both happy and healthy in order to earn money that will allow you to purchase new items. You’ll need to design the emergency room so as to have the best flow, and you can eventually take over seven different hospitals over the game’s 60 levels.
  • My Make-Up – Coming to PC for $9.99 – My Make-Up will allow girls to use their talents in creating beautiful make-up looks for weddings, parties, or any other special events. If one of these options doesn’t work, girls will also be able to throw their own male-up party ad invite three friends to join in. The game contains multiple brushes, creams, colors, and face masks to choose from, and it’ll be up to each girl how the looks turn out, as different combinations of items will result in different looks. My Make-Up will launch this September.
  • The Mysterious Case of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde – Coming to DS and PC for $19.99 – Launching this October, the Mysterious Case of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde is a game filled with riddles and mysteries that will see you taking on the role of Inspector Newcomen, who must solve a “very strange case” concerning Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde. The game is a hidden object title that contains a few mini-games, which combined will see you finding clues to help solve the case.

There you have it – O-Games summer line-up of titles is rated E for Everyone, and with these budget game prices, seem ready to give you your money’s worth. For more information about O-Games, head over to the company’s official website.

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