Nvinium Launches Space Empires: Battle for Supremacy on Facebook

Thu, Jul 29, 2010

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As we told you at the beginning of the month, Nvinium Games has been hard at work putting the finishing touches on their new Facebook game Space Empires: Battle for Supremacy. The game is the latest installment in the Space Empires franchise, which got its start in 1993, and has amassed a cult-like following in the time since its release.

In Battle for Supremacy, players are challenged with taking over star system, and gaining overall supreme power over every man, women, or child who dares stand in your path. You start by creating a home planet and avatar (along with race), and you’ll be able to choose the name for both.

The game is a strategy RPG of sorts that allows players to enter into tactical combat scenarios against their Facebook friends who become their enemies in the game. You’ll be able to pilot a Command Ship, along with controlling three Class 1 War Ships to start. In addition, you can construct buildings on your planet, complete quests, and so on.

As you explore the universe, you have the potential of encountering 100 different solar systems, each with 15 planets – needless to say, this is one massive universe. You’ll be able to upgrade your technology through research facilities, and you’ll earn points as time passed via these improvements and upgrades.

Throughout your progress with the game, you’ll be able to track your progress on the game’s leaderboards, where you can examine your performance on four different levels, and compare your stats to other users in these particular areas accordingly – Military Strength, Empire Dominance, Racial Superiority, and Crop Mastery.

Unlike other games that can be set and forgotten, Space Empires: Battle for Supremacy allows you to enter into real-time battles with your friends, if you both happen to be near a computer. These battles will help you earn experience points that will help you level up and continue on your journey.

When discussing the game, CEO of Nvinium Matt Abrams has this to say:

“Launching a Facebook game of this magnitude has certainly been a challenge, but I am extremely proud of what we have built. Space Empires: Battle for Supremacy is an experience that can be enjoyed by everyone, from hardcore Space Empires fans and Sci-fi enthusiasts to the casual Facebook user.  Bridging the gaps between these types of players has been our biggest goal, and we simply cannot wait to see all types of players embark on this journey together.”

To try your hand at the game (remember, joining the game this quickly can only be positive for you in future battles), head over to the game’s page on Facebook.

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