Nuns Attack the PS Vita

Tue, Mar 19, 2013

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So, if nuns are attacking you, that pretty much plants you firmly in the “evil” camp, right? I’m not sure what we’re meant to infer about the PlayStation Vita from this news, but all the same, TriplePoint client Frima Studio is bringing a Nun Attack to the Vita. Before, Nun Attack had only been declared on mobile platforms, and we knew those were evil. (We also kind of suspected some kind of demonic pact behind the new Apple Maps, but we digress). You can now do battle with heavily armed church representatives via PSN, just as foretold in Revelations.

From the press release:

 More than two million players on iOS and Android have already commanded Eva, Rosy, Mandy and Olga in battle against their mortal enemy, The Fallen Nun, and the hordes of demons and undead she released on the world. Now PS Vita players get their chance to lock and load with some serious firepower in this tactical action game of biblical proportions for only $2.99.

I wasn’t originally interested in this game because I thought the title was “None Attack” and that sounded boring. I am glad I was wrong.

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