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Thu, Aug 8, 2013

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It’s remarkable, given their tendency towards reclusive lives in the convent, that nuns find so many reasons to go on the offensive. The nun squad from Frima Studio (a TriplePoint client) does seem to run into grotesque demon hordes pretty frequently, though, so I’m sure they can be forgiven. (They would know best about that, after all.) Last time we saw them, they were unleashing hell upon hell in Nun Attack for the Vita. This time, though, they’ve come running back to mobile platforms, quite literally, in Nun Attack: Run & Gun, an endless runner (and shooter) for iOS and Android. Again, you wouldn’t think nuns would stay in such good shape, but these ones can sprint with the best of them when there’s hellspawn to kill.

Don’t believe me? Check it out:

From the press release:

The Fallen Nun may have been defeated, but a new evil lurks beneath the heavens. Players will control one of four Nuns as they dash, shoot and slide through obstacles and monsters, including chainsaw-wielding skeletons and huge, heinous werewolves with the most badass weapons in this platforming, side-scrolling runner.

Nun Attack: Run & Gun features:

  • Choose from four different Nuns with unique weapons and abilities
  • Adventure through a variety of worlds with dangerous obstacles and heathens to avoid or eliminate
  • Go the distance to complete objectives for bonuses, such as avoiding traps and shooting chainsaw-wielding skeletons and giant, freaky werewolves
  • Collect more coins to unlock new characters, upgrade guns and power-ups to the Holy Max
  • Share and compete for a new high score with your friends!

I pray that you try Nun Attack: Run & Gun now for iOS and for Android devices.

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