Nuclear Outrun Outnow

You’ve had ample warning that this day was coming, so if you fail to escape the vaporizing blast in Gamenauts‘ Nuclear Outrun, you will get no sympathy from us. Gamenauts (a TriplePoint client) has been quite clear that they’d be unleashing atomic armageddon this week, and you’ve had more than enough time to start getting out of town. Well, the time has arrived, and the bombs are dropping on the App Store as we speak, free of charge. If you’re not reading this from your internet-enabled fallout shelter, well, all you can do now is download the game, start driving, and get as far as you can. Them’s the breaks!

From the press release:

Thought the world was safe after 2012? Think again. A nuclear missile from an unknown source is about to hit land and it’s up to players to escape as far as they can before the explosion… or before their truck gets blown to pieces by zombies intent on ruining the party!

Good luck, and we’ll see you on the other side of the minimum safe distance border.

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