Nothing Unusual at All is Happening Today

Mon, Apr 1, 2013

Frisky Misc

Just another regular day in the games industry! Dogfighting game War Thunder has a new set of combatants, there’s a new contender in the console field, and SEGA’s got a new sound engine. New DLC is out for Journey, which is nice, and Europa Universalis was announced for a new platform. Oh, and Valve has a new game on the way.

I suppose everyone already broke their big news during GDC, which is why today is so mundane. New boat in Puzzle Pirates, Tribute Games is updating their Kickstarter, the new Deus Ex expansion (Deus Expansion?) is on the way. Capcom is releasing another Street Fighter; blah, blah, blah. Not even new Scribblenauts content or Crusader Kings II content feels especially unusual today. At least there are a few things to occupy one’s time, like a rare piece of behind-the-scenes Dishonored commentary, or a lesson in football history.

Seems like every April we get the same boring announcements. I thought this was supposed to be an industry of creatives! At least the new Minecraft game looks promising.

We’ll let you know if anything cool or funny or unusual happens today, but it seems like business as usual this April.

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