Not Sick of Pocket God Yet?

Wed, Sep 26, 2012

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Last time we checked in with TriplePoint client Bolt Creative and the hapless Pygmies of Pocket God, the island residents had all caught dance fever. That’s the thing, though, about dance fever — not only is it extremely contagious, but the symptoms don’t stay benign for long. The disease has progressed to full-blown plague, and gamers can expect all manner of infectious fun from the new episode, “Germs of Endearment.

Here’s a press release they vomited up:

Please keep in mind that this daunting affliction is not limited to just Pygmies; all forms of life on every island, including gigantic apes, poo-slinging monkeys, hungry T-Rexes, and sharks with laser beams, run the risk of contracting this perilous malady. Even non-organic, inanimate objects can be contaminated, so exercise caution when using an outhouse, borrowing fishing poles, playing the bongos, and more.

Alternatively, if you would like to live just a little bit longer, you may visit our other new addition to Apocolypse Island—the Purification Room—a chamber containing a fountain filled with non-alcoholic hand sanitizer.

The whole thing is being kicked off with a viral video. (All right, that’s enough of that.)

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