No Hardware Keyboard for Your iPad until May

Fri, Mar 19, 2010

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While the Apple iPad is ready to start kicking up some dust in April with over 200,000 preorders on the books, a certain accessory is not so ready. The hardware keyboard first shown at the iPad event in January will not be ready for shipping until May.

The reason this is of concern and relevance is that some believe the iPad will not be preferable for typing and the hardware keyboard will hopefully alleviate any concerns in that area. However, I am also told that any bluetooth keyboard, including Apple’s own, will also work with the iPad. Sure, it doesn’t have a nice mount for the iPad itself but it will at least do for a month or so.

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  • Cheapest iPad

    The Keyboard has got to be a must.

    My guess is that it's gonna be pretty uncomfortable to type for any length of time without it, but a month isn't too long to wait for those lucky enough to get their hands on an iPad.