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Tue, Aug 24, 2010

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In this installment of the Casual Gaming Round-Up, we see two pieces of Nintendo-centric news. First, we see that Nintendo is openly supporting THQ’s creation of the uDraw tablet on the Wii, and news that PopCap will be bringing Plants vs Zombies to the Nintendo DS.

Nintendo Supports uDraw’s Creation

Last week, we brought you news concerning THQ’s creation of the uDraw GameTablet, a device that will cradle the Wii Remote, and allow you to draw on a small pad in order to have more precise control in games that require fine movements of the Wii Remote.

As reported by Joystiq, Nintendo has apparently been very supportive of THQ’s development of the peripheral, according to THQ director Luis Gigliotti. During his presentation at the convention, he said:

When we came to [Nintendo] in the beginning with the idea for uDraw, they said ‘that’s brilliant, let’s figure out how to do this. It’s been an incredible partnership. … I’ve been working in game development for 17-plus years and I can honestly say this is one of the smoothest collaborations with a first party I’ve ever had, just because everybody got it on day one.

While THQ came up with the function for the tablet, Nintendo was primarily responsible for its final design and manufacturing, due to their obvious previous experience in the field of peripheral design. While Gigliotti says that this first-party development doesn’t currently mean any uDraw-compatible games will be coming from the Nintendo camp, he isn’t ruling out the possibility.

It’s all about getting it to market and the collaboration with Nintendo … but listen, if it takes off, it is a piece of hardware, and what hardware tends to do is draw software to it.

Plants vs Zombies Coming to Nintendo DS

While Plants vs Zombies is already available on PC, Mac, and even the iPhone, PopCap isn’t content at stopping there, as they have announced that another platform will be added to the list of supported devices, this time in the form of the Nintendo DS.

The game will be ported over with the expected content, including the Adventure, Survival and Puzzle modes, and the mini-games, but will also include “new and exclusive game content.” Unfortunately, the specifics of that weren’t released in the announcement, but we’ll be sure to let you know what they are once we have more information.

Plants vs Zombies will be released on the Nintendo DS next January for the budget price of $20. Sure, it’s twice as much as the PC costs on Steam, but for the ability to take these zombies with you wherever you go, plus new content, we’re guessing it might be worth it.

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