Nintendo Finding it Hard to Keep Up With Demand for Wii

Mon, Feb 15, 2010

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As reported by Edge, Nintendo’s price drop on their Wii console has apparently been so effective at moving units that the company is now finding it to be a challenge to fulfill demand for the console in the United States.

News has spread regarding the challenge certain retailers, including Best Buy and GameStop, are facing in providing enough units to meet consumers’ demands, with Nintendo of America present Reggie Fils-Aime expressing that he is “passionately upset about the lack of product relative to demand.”

One could take this as a strategic move by the company as a whole – delay the release of product to drive up demand (that’s Economics 101, folks), but it also appears as though we may need to give the company the benefit of the doubt.

Fils-Aime was quoted in October of 2009 as saying that Nintendo didn’t expect shortages in the run-up to the Christmas season and beyond. Apparently the 3.81 million units sold in the US in December alone have proven him wrong.

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