Nintendo: Apple is the “Enemy of the Future”

Fri, May 7, 2010


While Nintendo’s profits stumbled recently for the first time in years, the strong Japanese company only sees it as an inspiring move to push their products more effectively and aggressively. Their target rival for the new campaign: Apple.

Nintendo has long held the torch in the handheld gaming market with several successful GameBoy devices along with the mega seller DS franchise of touch screen consoles. The stumble in profits may show a turning point for Nintendo’s future in the handheld business.

President of Nintendo, Satoru Iwata is rumored to have said to his senior executives that they have beaten Sony in the market and that the company should begin to look at Apple as the “enemy of the future”.

Times Online believes that this may be a premature thought from Nintendo in that twice as many Wii consoles were sold in the US than PlayStation 3 systems. While Nintendo remains strong in the ‘casual’ market, Sony and Microsoft are still attempting to break into it with their motion controllers (or non-controllers) set for release later this year.

According to sources, Nintendo is looking to restore its once seemingly endless ceiling of creativity and surprise. Iwata loves surprising the public about what the company can do next, so it makes sense for them to try even harder in this industry surrounded by innovation.

While Nintendo has raised the average age of game players, they are still somewhat struggling at bringing them in to their handheld world when most of their demographic claim to rather have an iPhone than a DS int their pocket.

Apple is certainly beginning to tread on Nintendo’s ground with both the iPhone and now iPad. How Nintendo responds will be an interesting event, that’s for sure. For now, I’d expect that the DS will most likely stagnate in sales this year while many wait for the 3DS next year.

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