Nightclub City Sees Introduction of Premium, Japanese Items

Wed, May 12, 2010

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Last week, we took a look at Nightclub City, a new Facebook game in the same vein as titles like Restaurant City, but which contains a dance floor and a bar, rather than stoves and a kitchen. We at Frisky Mongoose jumped head first into the new game, which has already been given an updated item catalog, thanks to the release of some new Japanese themed items, as well as a few that are more generic.

This new item release sees the introduction of premium items and Facebook Credits to the game, which originally had items that were only available to purchase for dollars. Now, however, you can browse through the various sections of the game’s store to find abstract dance floor tiles, an upgraded bar storage system (your customers order drinks, which take away from your total supply in stock), a new Kimono Girl decorative item, a Japanese Koi Floor tile that adds an aquarium under your patrons’ feet, and more.

The prices here range from 2 Facebook Credits for one 4×4 square of dance flooring, to 60 Facebook Credits for the Kimono Girl decoration.

In addition to these premium items, you’ll find new Japanese themed decorations spread throughout the stores that are available for regular dollars, so everyone interested should be able to get in on the fun of decorating in this new theme.

Head over to the game’s page on Facebook to see the full selection of items, or to jump onto the Nightclub City bandwagon with the rest of us!

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