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Fri, Aug 6, 2010

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Quite a few updates have launched in Social City since we last spoke. There are new items available in the Newspaper, as well as in the game’s store, or Build Menu. On top of this, the Social City Building Design Contest has come to a close, and the winning item is now available to add to your town in the game.

Three New Limited Edition Buildings Now Available

The game’s newspaper has seen quite the rapid turn-around this week, with three new buildings being added to the list of available items. The first building is a residential structure in the form of the Terrace Apartments. They cost 55 City Bucks to build, and add 10,000 citizens to your town every three days. You’ll receive a 718 experience point bonus for purchasing the building.

Next is the BBQ Joint, available for 29 City Bucks. It brings 21,000 Happiness Points to your town, and rewards you with 295 experience points as a bonus.

Finally, the Bike Store is another Leisure item, available for 26 City Bucks. You’ll earn 256 experience points for purchasing the building, and it will bring a nice total of 17,000 Happiness Points to your town.

Design Contest Item Now Available

At the end of July, we told you about a design contest happening in Social City – the first ever design contest, in fact, that asked players to submit their best ideas for a potential item in the game. Now, the voting for the contest has ended, and Playdom has added the winning item to the game’s Newspaper and Build Menu.

The item is the Drive In Theater. If you choose to purchase it from the Newspaper, you’ll pay 59 City Bucks to do so. You’ll earn 795 experience points as a bonus upon your purchase, and you’ll receive 62,000 Happiness Points in your town. Meanwhile, if you choose to purchase it from the game’s traditional store, you can do so for 750,000 coins. For that cheaper price though, you are receiving a different set of stats. Here, you’ll receive 2,000 experience points as a bonus, but only 31,000 Happiness Points.

The latter version is a permanent item, while the Premium version is of course limited in its availability, with around 5,600 units available as of this writing. Which one will you choose to purchase?

New Build Menu Items: Subsidized Housing 3 & Dental Clinic

This has been the week of new items in Social City, as not only have we seen the above items added to the Newspaper, but we’ve also seen two items (the Drive In Theater notwithstanding) added to the game’s traditional store or Build Menu. The items are the Subsidizes Housing 3 and the Dental Clinic.

The Subsidized Housing 3 costs just 75,000 coins to purchase, and will add 650 citizens to your town every 12 hours. You’ll receive 300 experience points for purchasing it.

Meanwhile, the Dental Clinic is a Leisure item, available for 400,000 coins. You’ll receive 1,600 experience points for purchasing the Dental Clinic, and will receive an extra 11,000 Happiness Points for doing so.

Make sure to head over to the game’s page to purchase any of the items that interest you.

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